Winners of Wedding Photography Contest Winners of Wedding Photography Contest

Follow   The Winners of the 2 month long contest is out 🙂 The Top 3... 

Diamond rings for girls: The singaporean man perspective Diamond rings for girls: The singaporean man perspective

Follow What do girls want Some people say that marriage is a bed of roses, looks... 

Understanding the “Bo Chap” Groom Understanding the “Bo Chap” Groom

Follow get your ex back There have been so many brides who just can’t seem... 

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Suits and such

Wedding shoes for Grooms and Men

Follow Introduction When we talk about wedding shoes, most people will be thinking... 

Wedding Tuxedo versus Wedding Suit

Follow This is a tricky question. What should you wear for your wedding, a... 

Wedding Neckwear for Man

Follow Introduction Neckwear is an important part of the wedding outfit for a... 

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Chinese Customs

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony (敬茶)

Follow There may be different customs fo different dialect, but one of the few ceremony that remains the same is the Tea Ceremony, also know as 敬茶. The Ceremony is a mark of respect for the newly married groom to the elders in the family. Most people will recall that it involves the grooms and bride serving tea to the elders and receiving either... [Read more of this review]

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011

Follow Thanks for the long wait. Finally the Auspicious Wedding date for 2011 is out. The 2011 Tong Shu is also finally out. Please see below for the dates Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011 Date Day 12 January 2011 Wednesday 14 January 2011 Friday 15 January 2011 Saturday 17 January 2011 Monday 19 January 2011 Wednesday 20 January 2011 Thursday 24... [Read more of this review]

Shu Tou ( Combing of Hair)

Follow This is one touching part of the actual day that i really like. Shu Tou is a wonderful tradition that is thankfully still carried out in most Singaporean Chinese weddings today. Shu Tou usually occur after the make up and just before the hair do. The parents of the brie will comb the hair of the bride 3 times., usually using traditional... [Read more of this review]

The Dowry: Gifts from the bride’s family

Follow Well, if you grooms think you “lugi” so much money from the Si Dian Jin and Pin JIng etc, you must remember, marrying a girl is not cheap, not to mention it is your dream girl. I guess it’s worth the money to make the dream girl become a real wife ya? In addition to having a sweet, demure and gentle wife (in your dreams... [Read more of this review]

Betrothal Gifts and Pin Jin from the Groom

Follow Traditionally, this is advised by the “mei po”(Match maker). But match makers are really rarer than dinosaurs nowadays. So most times, couples will settle this themselves with their parents. So what must the groom give to the bride's family. For Gou Da Li Everything is usually placed in a basket 1) 2 Pairs of Dragon and... [Read more of this review]

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