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These are the dates as extracted from the 2010 Tong Shu.
This is as far as I can get from the very thick and complicated Tong Shu.
It’s amazing how much content there is in that 1 book. I will compile a list of bad wedding dates next. Please await that.

Good/ Auspicious Dates for wedding in 2010

Day Date
Tuesday 16 February  2010
Friday 19 February 2010
Monday 22 February 2010
Thursday 25 February 2010
Wednesday 03 March 2010
Tuesday 16 March 2010
Monday 22 March 2010
Thursday 25 March 2010
Sunday 28 March 2010
Saturday 03 April 2010
Monday 05 April 2010
Thursday 08 April 2010
Friday 09 April 2010
Saturday 17 April 2010
Tuesday 20 April 2010
Thursday 22 April 2010
Monday 26 April 2010
Thursday 29 April 2010
Sunday 02 May 2010
Tuesday 11 May 2010
Friday 14 May 2010
Saturday 15 May 2010
Sunday 16 May 2010
Thursday 20 May 2010
Sunday 23 May 2010
Monday 31 May 2010
Friday 04 June 2010
Wednesday 09 June 2010
Monday 14 June 2010
Thursday 17 June 2010
Monday 21 June 2010
Tuesday 29 June 2010
Monday 05 July 2010
Thursday 08 July 2010
Sunday 11 July 2010
Tuesday 13 July 2010
Thursday 15 July 2010
Friday 16 July 2010
Thursday 22 July 2010
Friday 23 July 2010
Wednesday 28 July 2010
Sunday 01 August 2010
Thursday 12 August 2010
Friday 13 August 2010
Monday 16 August 2010
Saturday 21 August 2010
Monday 23 August 2010
Monday 30 August 2010
Thursday 02 September 2010
Saturday 04 September 2010
Sunday 05 September 2010
Sunday 12 September 2010
Wednesday 15 September 2010
Thursday 16 September 2010
Saturday 18 September 2010
Friday 24 September 2010
Monday 27 September 2010
Tuesday 28 September 2010
Thursday 30 September 2010
Wednesday 06 October 2010
Sunday 10 October 2010
Monday 11 October 2010
Wednesday 20 October 2010
Friday 22 October 2010
Saturday 23 October 2010
Thursday 04 November 2010
Wednesday 10 November 2010
Friday 12 November 2010
Saturday 13 November 2010
Sunday 14 November 2010
Tuesday 16 November 2010
Wednesday 17 November 2010
Wednesday 24 November 2010
Thursday 25 November 2010
Wednesday 01 December 2010
Monday 06 December 2010
Tuesday 07 December 2010
Wednesday 08 December 2010
Friday 17 December 2010
Saturday 18 December 2010
Monday 20 December 2010
Wednesday 29 December 2010

+ If you are wondering what happened to the January dates in 2010, it’s because the Tong Shu goes by the LUNAR year!! So dates will start from 2010 Chinese New Year (which is good so you can save giving out ang pows till 2011)

*  This is based on the Tong Shu that I bought. There are also auspicious timings etc etc included inside but too much info to put in. Hope this would be a good general guide.

Click here for a list of Inauspicious Wedding dates in 2010

Click here for a list of Auspicious Engagement Dates in 2010

Click here for a list of Auspicious Wedding dates in 2011

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40 Responses to “Auspicious Wedding dates 2010”
  1. keroppi says:

    Hi, Can i check with you is 23th Jan a good date for wedding too? Thank you!!!

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Keoppi,
    I assume you meant 23rd Jan 2010. It’s in the Tong Shu 2009 version.
    The date is not indicated good for marriage, at least in the book.
    Hope this helps

  3. genki says:

    Hi, i would like to check whether 18th Jan 2011 is a auspicious date for wedding? thanks….

  4. Admin says:

    Hi genki, my Tongshu is currently on loan. Will check adn post back here.


  5. Kelinda says:

    Hi there, based on our Zodiac sign

    Groom – Horse
    Bride – Monkey

    Much appreciated if you may advise a best wedding date out of these three dates
    18th, 19th or 20th of Feb 2011

  6. Jay says:

    Hey, want to check with you, whether 5th of March 2011 is a auspicious date for wedding? thanks

  7. Admin says:

    I can only read the dates from Tong Shu. I would suggest visiting a geomencer or getting a chinese calender to check zodiac and date combinations.
    Congrats on your wedding

  8. Admin says:

    The March 2011 Dates is not our in Tong Shu yet.

  9. Sally says:

    Hi, can you tell me which dates in May 2011 and June 2011 are good dates for marriage. Thanks

  10. Ashley says:

    Hi, is 16 Jul 2011 a good date for marriage?

  11. Admin says:

    Still awaiting 2011 Tong Shu 🙂

  12. Admin says:

    2011 Tong Shu is not out yet. 🙂

  13. Jackie says:

    When do you expect to get the 2011 Tong Shu for wedding dates? Thanks.

  14. Admin says:


    It should be out latest by August 2010

  15. ally says:

    hi, may i know is it too early to auspicious date for wedding in Nov/Dec Year 2011? Then when is suitable to auspicious date for wedding?

  16. Darlene Chew says:

    Hi, I would like to ask that the date are base on lunar year. How abt the days are they lunar day or English day ?

  17. Admin says:

    Hi Darlene,

    The dates are based on the English Calender. The lunar dates has been already converted to the English dates.

  18. Louise says:


    I would like to ask a question…. I hope you don’t mind!
    I am an Earth Goat, and my Fiance is Wood Snake. Is our proposed wedding date of 10/10/10 an auspicious one for us to marry on?

    Thank you!

  19. Admin says:

    Hi, on 10/10/10, there are no clashes between goat and snake getting married.
    I’m sorry i can’t help with the earth and wood part, i’m not versed in that.


  20. Sally says:

    Hi Admin!
    Can you tell me what dates in April, May and June 2011 are good dates for weddings? I’m a goat and my guy is a rat.


  21. Tan says:


    May i know do you have the Auspicious Wedding dates for 2011?

    I am looking at 7th May 2011.
    Will it be a good day for both bride & groom of monkey year?

  22. Admin says:


    I don’t have the dates for 2011 now. But the Tong Shu will be out soon.
    Will update as soon as I get it.


  23. Admin says:

    Auspicious dates for 2011 is our now. 🙂

  24. Tan says:


    Do you have any idea where can i get the 2011 Tong Shu calender?
    Or do you mind print screen for me the page of 7th May 2011?

    Bride : 15th Apr Monkey 1980
    Groom : 30th Oct Monkey 1980

  25. sheena says:


    Im in real dilemma…Can I check whether 14th May 2011 is a good date for us to get married. Both from rat year 1984. girl: 4th july boy:20th august.

    Everybody is tellin its a weird date to choose but that is my best option currently in term of church n restaurant booking =(

    Please advice.

    Your help is highly appreciated.

  26. Admin says:

    Hi Sheena, why are people saying it is a weird date?

  27. sheena says:

    Dear admin, Thank for you reply.

    I dunno maybe coz I come from a very mixed family…So apparently for Chinese in general they dun like the number 14 unless is they actually go and count their fortune or something like that.

    Thats why Im asking for advice should I go ahead with that date?? It is a one in a lifetime choice thats why Im abit concern.

    If it is fine…Im ok with it.

  28. Desmond says:


    Just want to check which of the following is a good date for us to get married?

    15th Jan 2011
    22nd Jan 2011

    Groom:12th Apr 1979 (goat)
    Bride:16th Jul 1978 (horse)

  29. Admin says:

    Jo Desmond, I’m sorry i can’t provide detailed auspicious date choosing base on horoscopes.
    A master would help in this.


  30. Sandra Lee says:


    May I Check for the auspicious date for:-

    Groom – Dragon 34yrs 1976
    Bride – Goat 29yrs


  31. Admin says:

    Hi Sandra, I can’t provide dates with horoscope calculation included. thansk

  32. Elmira says:


    Could you, please, advice us if 1st of September is a good date to marry.
    Our dates of birth are:
    Male: 18/08/1980
    Female: 23/09/1980
    Thank you for your help.


  33. Nisha says:

    Could you, please advice us a good date to marry between dec 2010- may 2011?
    Our date of birth are:-
    Male:- 13/08/1981
    Female:- 05/05/1986.
    Thank u in advane.


  34. Lannie says:

    Hi admin

    could you please help me check which days in October 2011 is good for my fiace and I. His birthday is November 15, 1979 and my birthday is July 30, 1979 we are both goats.



  35. tiffany says:

    Hi there,
    Do you think 1st Nov 2011 is suitable for getting marry?

    thank you.

  36. Low chee Sin says:

    Hello admin
    Could you, please advice us a good date to marry between oct 2011 to dec 2011?
    Our date of birth are:-
    Male:- 16/08/1976 (dragon)
    Female:- 12/07/1980 (monkey).
    Thank u in advane.

    Chee sin

  37. jova leah says:

    hi good day!..please really need your advice on this..Our civil wedding date is on december 27, 2010…my birth date is April 30, 1984 and my hubby’s birth date is October 28, our wedding date auspicious?please ur respnse is highly appreciated..
    thank you!
    more power to you…

  38. Ms. X says:

    Good Day!
    Can you check if December 21 is an auspicious date to get married or if you could suggest a more auspicios date for December. Thank you.

    Male – March 18, 1984
    Female – March 3, 1982

  39. Jeny says:

    Can you help my fiancé and I with a good wedding date in April or March 2011?

    Fiancé birthdate 3/6/1979 10:14 am Pacific Time
    My birthdate 12/4/1979 6:55 pm Pacific Time


  40. well says:

    could u advice us if 01 octobeer 2011 is an auspicious date for wedding?
    male- 03 jun 1985
    female- 29 jun 1985

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