Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012

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Thanks everyone for waiting. I managed to get the dates from my Tong Shu 2012 supplier. Posted below are the auspicious wedding dates for 2012. These are general auspicious wedding dates and does not consider birthdates of both couple.

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012

Date Day
05 January 2012 Thursday
19 January 2012 Monday
10 January 2012 Tuesday
12 January 2012 Thursday
14 January 2012 Saturday
19 January 2012 Thursday
21 January 2012 Saturday
22 January 2012 Sunday
24 January 2012 Tuesday
31 January 2012 Tuesday
02 February 2012 Thursday
03 February 2012 Friday
04 February 2012 Saturday
06 February 2012 Monday
12 February 2012 Sunday
13 February 2012 Monday
16 February 2012 Saturday
21 February 2012 Tuesday
25 February 2012 Saturday
29 February 2012 Tuesday
04 March 2012 Sunday
05 March 2012 Monday
11 March 2012 Sunday
14 March 2012 Wednesday
16 March 2012 Friday
19 March 2012 Monday
22 March 2012 Thursday
24 March 2012 Saturday
26 March 2012 Monday
29 March 2012 Thursday
31 March 2012 Saturday
03 April 2012 Tuesday
06 April 2012 Friday
11 April 2012 Wednesday
12 April 2012 Thursday
15 April 2012 Sunday
23 April 2012 Monday
27 April 2012 Friday
05 May 2012 Saturday
07 May 2012 Monday
09 May 2012 Wednesday
18 May 2012 Friday
19 May 2012 Saturday
27 May 2012 Sunday
31 May 2012 Thursday
02 June 2012 Saturday
04 June 2012 Monday
05 June 2012 Tuesday
06 June 2012 Wednesday
09 June 2012 Saturday
12 June 2012 Tuesday
13 June 2012 Wednesday
15 June 2012 Friday
27 June 2012 Wednesday
28 June 2012 Thursday
29 June 2012 Friday
30 June 2012 Saturday
07 July 2012 Saturday
09 July 2012 Monday
10 July 2012 Tuesday
11 July 2012 Wednesday
12 July 2012 Thursday
16 July 2012 Monday
23 July 2012 Monday
28 July 2012 Saturday
29 July 2012 Sunday
31 July 2012 Tuesday
02 August 2012 Thursday
04 August 2012 Saturday
05 August 2012 Sunday
07 August 2012 Tuesday
10 August 2012 Friday
11 August 2012 Saturday
13 August 2012 Monday
14 August 2012 Tuesday
23 August 2012 Thursday
25 August 2012 Saturday
31 August 2012 Friday
03 September 2012 Monday
05 September 2012 Wednesday
06 September 2012 Thursday
08 September 2012 Saturday
18 September 2012 Tuesday
20 September 2012 Thursday
22 September 2012 Saturday
28 September 2012 Friday
30 September 2012 Sunday
02 October 2012 Tuesday
04 October 2012 Thursday
09 October 2012 Tuesday
12 October 2012 Friday
16 October 2012 Tuesday
23 October 2012 Tuesday
24 October 2012 Wednesday
25 October 2012 Thursday
26 October 2012 Friday
27 October 2012 Saturday
02 November 2012 Friday
05 November 2012 Monday
11 November 2012 Sunday
17 November 2012 Saturday
23 November 2012 Friday
25 November 2012 Sunday
26 November 2012 Monday
29 November 2012 Thursday
02 December 2012 Thursday
03 December 2012 Monday
05 December 2012 Wednesday
06 December 2012 Thursday
10 December 2012 Monday
18 December 2012 Tuesday
30 December 2012 Sunday

As before, these dates are extracted from Tong Shu 2012 and serves as a general guide only.

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45 Responses to “Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Do you know when your supplier will send you the official tong shu for 2012?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    earliest would be july according to the guy


  3. P says:

    Hi, how reliable are the dates ? Why the tong Shu needs to wait till July when the supplier already has the date

  4. Peggy says:

    Hi admin

    We are looking at second half of 2012 preferably dec. Are u able to advise a good date for us thanks

    Bride 16 April 1986
    Groom 15 feb 1986

    Groom mum: monkey
    Groom dad: rooster

    Bride mum: pig
    Bride dad: rooster

  5. Admin says:

    Tong Shu is an annual publication of which auspicious dates is just 1 small segment of the whole Tong Shu. The dates are base on the Chinese calender. In fact, you can get the dates from any chinese calnder (look at the bottom of those thin paper calender. As for the auspicious dates, these dates serve as a guide because they do not take into account your birth dates. For detailed auspicious dates customised to you and your partner, I suggest visiting a master for calculation.

  6. P says:

    Hi admin

    Thanks. As tong Shu 2012 is not officially out yet. Are the dates u have given above the same as tong Shu ?

  7. Admin says:

    Hi P,

    I got this direct from the supplier. I cannot ascertain that there will be no changes at all, but for the past 3 years, it has been the same. If you are worried, can wait for the oficial Tong Shu 2012 to be out, or can consult a master who will calculate without the Tong Shu. Hope this helps.

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi admin,

    I am worried after looking at the above dates, as my fiance and i are looking at dates that are not mentioned here. Do u happen to have unauspicious date for wedding in April and May 2012? >.<

    Thanks alot in advance!

  9. Julie Po says:

    Are this dates on the gregorian calendar?

  10. Admin says:

    I don’t think so.

  11. Admin says:

    Hi Cindy, I don’t have the dates for inauspicious dates yet. Although I suspect you don’t have to worry because most of the dates are normal dates rather than inauspicious in general.

  12. Desy says:

    Hi Plps,
    I need to get the tong shu calender for 2011 .. Any kind soul here can advice me …

  13. Admin says:

    Hi Desy,

    Go to the traditional joss stick shops. Most mature HDB estates will have. Most older HDB markets will also have.

  14. Anthony says:

    Hi Admin,

    I need to buy 2012 Tong Shu. As now is July 2011, can I buy it?

  15. Nova says:

    Hi Admin, my grandma is looking for 2012 tong shu.
    May i ask you where i can find it in Singapore? Or can you give me info about your supplier?
    I wish to hear from you soon, since i’ll be coming to Singapore this month. Thanks.

  16. Anthony says:

    Hi Admin,

    I need to buy official Thong Shu 2012. can you inform me whether your supplier already sell it or not? Really appreciate your help.


  17. Admin says:

    Hi I’ll be checking with him. Thanks

  18. MP says:

    Hi Admin,

    Im Looking forward a suitable date in June 2012.

    Groom 29th Mar 1980
    Bride 20th Jan 1983

    Please advise.

    Thank You.

  19. Felicia says:

    Hi all, I am also looking for the 2012 Thong Shu for a wedding date in first half 2012. Do you know where and when the earliest I can get the book?

  20. Admin says:

    I’ve checked. It is out already in most joss stick shop. Pop by one of them and ask the owner 🙂

  21. Sarayu says:

    Hello admin,
    I have checked with many joss stick shops, all them dont have it at the moment. Can you inform which joss stick shop have it now?
    Thanks 🙂

  22. punk says:

    May I know which specific joss stick shop that u asked around and they have it?
    Coz I went through the shops in bugis close to the kwan im miao temple,
    All said that it is not out yet..

    Appreciate ur kind direction.

  23. Ryan says:

    hi admin,
    i like to consult about our wedding date,we have choose 4th of March 2012 as our wedding date,i am born in a monkey yr and my bride in a pig year,do you think our wedding date is a good date?

  24. Jamiez says:

    Hi admin, i was looking at your posts.

    I did went to many joss stick shop to ask but negative replies received from the shop owners.

    Pls advise if we could order directly from your supplier instead of hunting for it high n low. Cos i believe some of us need it urgently. Hope u understand our situations. Most of the. Shop owners said will only be out in late sep/oct. If u know ur supplier knows any shop owners that we can get from?

    Pls advise n help us if u can.

    Thanks alot!

    Best regards,


  25. Anthony says:

    Hi admin, I checked some joss shops in Rochor Road, Middle Road, Queen Road..none of them selling it. They said it doesnt come yet. Can you inform me your joss shop? Thanks.

  26. Anthony says:

    hi admin,
    Appreciate ur help to inform ur joss shops? I checked with many joss shops but none of them selling it. Is it true that 2012 tong shu already published?

  27. marnali says:

    is this also bengali marraige dates?

  28. Admin says:

    Hi Marnali, this is chinese wedding dates

  29. P says:


    May I check if 5 oct 2012 is a good date for wedding ?

    Groom & bride : tiger
    Parents: pig, rooster, monkey.

    May I know the day is inauspicious to which zodiac ? Thanks

  30. Admin says:

    Hi Anthony, Sorry for the late reply. Was not in Singapore. You can get them at Telok Ayer market joss stick shops.
    Generally these Tong Shu should go below $5. Don’t be expected to pay more than that.


  31. Admin says:

    Hi Jamiez, Sorry for the late reply. Was not in Singapore. You can get them at Telok Ayer market joss stick shops.
    Generally these Tong Shu should go below $5. Don’t be expected to pay more than that.


  32. ihznim says:


    I am not familiar with how the auspicious dates and such work, but know that some of the elders in the family are rather picky about this. I and my fiance are planning for a September wedding and are personally more concerned about practicalities and keeping prices low, and don’t really care whether the date is auspicious or not.

    I saw that you’ve listed Sep 8 as an auspicious date, but it is actually in the Lunar 7th month aka Hungry Ghost Festival right? I thought the 7th month is generally quite inauspicious? I’m confused… could you help clarify this please?

  33. Admin says:

    The Tong Shu is base on the ancient calender calculation. While 7th month is a local custom. If we look at some other chinese societies around the world (taiwan etc). There is no 7th month.
    therefore, there are still auspicious dates all year round.
    Singaporeans may avoid the 7th month because local customs deems it to be “inauspicious”

    hope this helps

  34. shirley fong says:

    please let me know what is a good date on a sunday anytime in may or june 2012
    3/10/1981 – groom
    8/26/1987 – bride

    12/16/1951 – grooms dad
    10/11/1950 – grooms mom

  35. Dom says:

    Hi there,

    We are looking for a suitable date, either July 2012 or September-November 2012.

    We are both born in year of the dog:
    Bride 29 July 1982 (mother is horse/father is tiger)
    Groom 21 March 1982 (both parents are rat)



  36. Anita says:

    Would you please advise for auspicious wedding date?

    could be april, may, or june 2012
    Bride: Metal Pig
    Groom : Horse

    DO you need more information ?
    YOur guidence is greatelly appreciated

  37. BWCF says:

    Hi Admin, is Telok Ayer market = Lau Pa Sat?


  38. Kelly Sue says:


    Would like to know if it’s ok to get married on 10/11/2012?

    Groom: 13.01.1982
    Bride: 15.09.1984

    Please advice. Thanks.

  39. yuvraj saini says:

    my name is YUVRAJ SAINI & my fiance name is VANDANA SAINI. Please tell me some auspicious dates in the month of march or april for marriage.plz

  40. emmu says:

    hi, i was looking at september 28th which is an auspicious date on the list above. i was told by a professional that the date was bad for everyone, not just for me and my fiance. is this true? thanks!

  41. A says:

    Why are this dates good? What is the relation to the lunar calendar? I though number 4 was bad?

  42. Green says:


    The dates above, are these from the chinese calendar or western calendar?


  43. Bhagesh pillai says:

    Would u please suggest me date for wedding in may&june.

  44. Yvonne says:

    Would you please advise for auspicious wedding date?

    any dates from Oct – Dec 2012

    Bride: Rat (11 may 1984)
    Groom : Pig (26 Feb 1983)

    Both Parents : goat

  45. Nette says:

    Hi Please advice us for auspicious wedding dates for March,and April

    B-day Groom: 1/15/1982
    B-day Bride: 2/25/1985

    Mom (bride) 6/12/1960
    Dad (bride) 3/21/1961

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