Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony (敬茶)

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There may be different customs fo different dialect, but one of the few ceremony that remains the same is the Tea Ceremony, also know as 敬茶. The Ceremony is a mark of respect for the newly married groom to the elders in the family. Most people will recall that it involves the grooms and bride […]

Auspicious wedding dates 2013

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Dear Readers, thank you for your patience. This is the list of auspicious dates this year. Date Day 2013/01/03 Thu 2013/01/06 Sun 2013/01/08 Tue 2013/01/09 Wed 2013/01/13 Sun 2013/01/15 Tue 2013/01/16 Wed 2013/01/18 Fri 2013/01/25 Fri 2013/01/27 Sun 2013/01/28 Mon 2013/01/30 Wed 2013/02/06 Wed 2013/02/07 Thu 2013/02/10 Sun 2013/02/15 星期五 2013/02/18 Mon 2013/02/19 Tue 2013/02/22 […]

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012

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Thanks everyone for waiting. I managed to get the dates from my Tong Shu 2012 supplier. Posted below are the auspicious wedding dates for 2012. These are general auspicious wedding dates and does not consider birthdates of both couple. Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012 Date Day 05 January 2012 Thursday 19 January 2012 Monday 10 January […]

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011

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Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2011

Shu Tou ( Combing of Hair)

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This is one touching part of the actual day that i really like. Shu Tou is a wonderful tradition that is thankfully still carried out in most Singaporean Chinese weddings today. Shu Tou usually occur after the make up and just before the hair do. The parents of the brie will comb the hair of […]

The Dowry: Gifts from the bride’s family

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The Dowry is the bride’s family gift to the grooms side, many for the couple to use. It is to meant to congratulate their daughter and bless her with the fortune of many children.

Betrothal Gifts and Pin Jin from the Groom

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What is included in the betrothal gifts? This article gives a list of items to be given. It also discuss on the common amount of money given for Pin Jin.

Si Dian Jin (Jewellery Set)

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Si Dian Jin is a Teochew custom that is commonly carried out by most Chinese in Singapore (even other dialect groups). Read about what it consist, the origin of it and the problems of Si Dian Jin in Singapore.

An Chuang (Set the wedding bed)

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An Chuang is the process of setting the bed, usually 7 days before the actual day wedding.
This article describes the reasons behind the custom and the process of doing it.

Chinese Wedding Taboos

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Know what is Pang Tang for Singapore weddings. Know what is traditionally done and find out what how most Singaporeans modify these taboos.

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