Winners of Wedding Photography Contest

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  The Winners of the 2 month long contest is out 🙂 The Top 3 stories are Contestant 1: Have Faith In Your Love Contestant 2: Notre Histoire D’amour Romantique Contestant 3: When friends become lovers The winner is Contestant 3: Chee Keong and Chloe. They win a Pre-Wedding Photography package with ALL photos return […]

Diamond rings for girls: The singaporean man perspective

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Some people say that marriage is a bed of roses, looks really beautiful but pricks really hard. That will be another story for another day. Today lets talk about getting diamond rings for girls. By now, you should have read my articles on the basics of 4Cs of choosing a diamond. The question is, so […]

Understanding the “Bo Chap” Groom

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get your ex back There have been so many brides who just can’t seem to understand how grooms think. Like how we think our brides are bridezillas, many brides misunderstand that grooms are “bo-chap”. But the fact is that we do care. It’s just that our frequency of th viagra uk inking is slightly different. […]

An Chuang (Set the wedding bed)

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An Chuang is the process of setting the bed, usually 7 days before the actual day wedding.
This article describes the reasons behind the custom and the process of doing it.

The wedding Monster

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Introduction The wedding monster is a well known phenomenon that happens to most (politically incorrect to say all) of the brides to be around the world. The different names to it includes bridezilla, the bride thing (think swamp thing) etc. Personally I just call it the wedding monster. For the uninitiated grooms, I will attempt […]

Things every groom must do

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A introduction to what the groom must do for the wedding.
Find out (to your horror) how many things you have to settle before you can happily stand at the end of the aisle, waiting for your bride.