The Dowry: Gifts from the bride’s family

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Well, if you grooms think you “lugi” so much money from the Si Dian Jin and Pin JIng etc, you must remember, marrying a girl is not cheap, not to mention it is your dream girl. I guess it’s worth the money to make the dream girl become a real wife ya?

In addition to having a sweet, demure and gentle wife (in your dreams remember??), the grooms side will also receive dowry from the brides family. It is a sort of gift for their daughter in her new family.

Below are the common items in a dowry

1) Tea set for tea ceremory

2) Wedding towels (usually with “Xi” written on it)

3) A portion of the Pin Jin and the 2 phoenix candles back

4) Sewing kit

5) Baby bathtub

6) Baby potty

7) Ang pow to be placed in the potty for the person who is tasked to carry these items (Don’t ask me why it’s the potty and not something else)

8) A pair of bowls, chopsticks, spoons

9) Metal basin

10) Ceramic mug

Most of the above items are marked with Double happiness (Xi). While the traditional ones can look quite vintage or obiang depending on how you look at it, there are many modern versions of it decorated with cute cartoons etc.

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2 Responses to “The Dowry: Gifts from the bride’s family”
  1. Taiwan Ideas says:

    Many Thanks…I was just wondering what I needed to get for dowry for my wedding.

  2. Admin says:

    If you are asking in from the brides point o view, what is listed above would be the bare minimum. 🙂

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